A family affair

Katy, her husband Alexandre and her brother Dominique love setting up new projects and gambling on the future! Inspired by places and driven by their impulses, they devote themselves entirely to these projects until they are fully realised. So when they saw this old wine cellar for the first time, they immediately noted its lofty vaults, its peacefulness and the beauty of its light. The adjacent town house offered additional elegance and space and was the perfect location for their dream hotel. Their imaginations went into overdrive!


A great architectural venture in a village

The trio entrusted the transformation of the premises to their friend, architect Jacques Outier, already a partner in their successful restaurant, Un Amour de Plage, a few kilometres away. He made every effort to preserve the spirit of a town house; the interior design, orchestrated by Katy, aims to give a contemporary, calming feel to the building. After a year’s work, with walls torn down, spaces reconfigured and the addition of a modern extension and a new floor to accommodate 20 rooms, 19 21 opened its doors in July 2017.

The design finishes that change everything

With roots in the world of fashion, Katy has always been fascinated by interior design and beautiful objects. From trade fairs on her travels, she naturally turned her passion into her profession, decorating a restaurant here, advising a private client there.

For 19 21, she drew inspiration from antique dealers and artisans across the world. The result? A joyous mix of styles, which gives the hotel its timeless character. The style is in the details: mercurised glass lights by Radar, china from the Italian design house Gruppo Romani, etc.